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In 2012, Ayman, Dina and Ali each had their own thing: Dina worked at a branding agency and had some freelance work on the side. Ayman was still trying to make it as an engineer and Ali figuring out what to do after graduating from film school. At one point, Dina had to ask Ayman for help in an infographic video project, and so they found out that they work well together. It was much more effective to divide the tasks: she does the visuals, and he does the animations. But what about sound? That’s where Ali offered to help.

After working on several projects together, they decided that they should keep doing it. Ayman abandoned engineering in favor of animation, Ali also started learning animation, and Dina began helping in illustration and colors.
After a while, they created a 2D animated show called Ensa, which tackled sociological issues in Lebanon, and came out with a pilot episode. But without funding, they weren’t able to continue. It is now a side project that will see the light again when the time comes.


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